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Feeding Baby Budgies Step-by-Step Guide

How to feed budgies, baby

Baby budgies or budgerigar chicks are small parrots famed for their colorful plumage, capability to talk and cheerful personality. These birds are born featherless, with closed eyes, and solely depend on their parents for warmth and food. Until they venture out, these little birds are kept in the nest with their parents until they are three to four weeks old. As they grow, the feathers develop, where the budgies grow and reveal their true feather colors and patterns.

A suitable nest box and a balanced diet are necessary for one raising budgies. With proper feeding habits and attention, budgies grow as healthy and happy pets. Here are a few ways to feed budgies, baby.

· Pick the right baby budgie food. 

Baby budgies mandate a diet high in fat, protein and calcium that supports their development and growth. An innumerable commercial high-quality baby bird food mix is the best option. These food mixes are in the right consistency and contain all the nutrients. A good advice is to ask the vet for the right food mix recommendation.

· Preparing the formula 

It is always a good habit to read the instructions on the package before preparing the formula. A baby budgie that is two weeks old requires 4ml of mixed food for every feeding. Spoon the exact amount of mix into the bowl with 240 ml of boiling water. Mix the content and allow it to cool. Mixing a fresh batch of mix for each feeding is always recommended. The consistency of porridge should replicate the texture of budgie’s mother’s food. 5ml per feeding is preferred for a 3-week-old budgie, 6ml per feeding is preferred for a 4-week-old budgie, and so on.

· Monitor the right temperature before feeding. 

It is important to note that the food temperature drops to 43°C before feeding. Feeding the baby budgies at 43°C or above 43°C may lead to health issues and death.

· Use a feeding syringe for feeding. 

Purchasing a bird-feeding syringe with an attachable spoon would be perfect for feeding baby budgies through their tiny beaks. It is highly recommended to sterilize the feeding syringe and spoon before each feed to avoid infections. Always have additional feeding syringes, because it’s easy for feeding budgies each time.

· Positioning the feeding budgie 

Warm a towel to body temperature and place it on a tabletop. Loosely hold the baby budgie’s body by encircling its neck with your forefinger and thumb. Place the bird carefully on the towel till the feeding process is over.

· Feeding angle for feeding budgie 

Instead of trying to feed at the front of the baby’s beak, approaching from a side direction slightly above will be similar to mothers feeding the budgie. If the budgie does not open its beak, try the other side of the beak.

· Follow slow dispensing of food. 

After opening the beak, make sure to dispense the food very slowly. Ensure to inject only a quarter of what is taken and keep away for a few seconds for the budgie to swallow. Tap the baby’s beak and start feeding again. Remember overfeeding may choke the baby bird.

· Stop feeding when the budgie stops. 

About 2 to 4 ml is ample for 2 weeks baby budgie, 4 to 5 ml for 3 weeks baby budgie, and 5 to 7 ml for 4 weeks budgie. Once the bird eats close to mentioned estimates, it stops eating and closes its beak. If the baby budgie eats complete food, add more next time but do not cross the mentioned limit. As the storage pouch or crop of the baby budgie feels full, it appears as a bulge showcasing its fullness.

· Clean the baby budgie’s beak. 

We all know that baby budgies are messy eaters like; babies as time passes, the uneaten food around the beak cakes and hardens. Hence wiping the baby budgie’s beak with a damp towel roughly completes the feeding process.


Baby budgies need to care for like babies. Follow the directions as provided for baby budgies. Offer recommended amount of food each week for the baby budgie. Moreover, handling them with care and attention is important to raise baby budgies. Always contact a vet for any hassles during feeding or any feeding-related doubts. Plan your feeding schedule and bring up the baby budgie perfectly.



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